Advance Protocol of Female Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

About Course

Pelvic health rehabilitation is a niche area of practice that is incredibly important to the health and wellness of women experiencing pelvic symptoms. Very often women have consulted with multiple medical providers before finding their way to pelvic health therapy. This course is designed to help clinicians become immediately effective in improving the quality of life of these women.

This physio course is targeted to both treating pelvic health clinicians and those beginning a new area of practice. Treatment strategies for clinicians of all areas of practice will be provided as most women have pelvic health symptoms at some point throughout their life.

This CPD course will begin with ensuring a complete understanding of female pelvic anatomy and the importance of the pelvic floor muscles with bladder and bowel function as well as core stability. The most common conditions treated in female pelvic health rehabilitation will be introduced including urinary incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse, dyspareunia, and pelvic pain. This Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy  course will complete a detailed review of patient presentation, objective findings, tradition, and novel treatment interventions as well as the prognosis/plan of care.

Objective examination skills will be introduced including the fully modified pelvic examination and external assessment strategies for clinicians of all practice areas. Effective patient interventions and proper progression will be outlined. Following completion of the course, clinicians will be able to competently address the most common pelvic health symptoms women experience.

Methods of instruction include lecture presentations, multimedia, and written material.

A number of CEU hours: 2 Hours

Presenter: Natalie J. Sebba, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT

Presenter Bio:

Natalie is a member of the inaugural class of board-certified women’s health specialists, and also holds certifications in pelvic floor physical therapy and lymphedema rehabilitation. Prior to board certification, she earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy at Duke University and completed the APTA-credentialed women’s health physical therapy residency at Duke Medicine.

Throughout her career, Natalie has served as program coordinator of women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation services at several large medical systems across the country. She currently works with the interdisciplinary medical team of Duke Medicine specializing in pelvic health, women’s health, and oncology rehabilitation. Dr. Sebba recently completed her position as Chair on the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, Women’s Health Specialty Council where she advanced the board certification process and examination for new clinical specialists. She also serves as an active clinical mentor with the Duke Medicine Women’s Health Residency program teaching her unique skill set to program residents. Dr. Sebba is an annual lecturer to several programs with Duke Medical School including Physical Therapy and regularly presents at the annual APTA CSM conference.



1h 55m 25s