Advance Evidence-Based Physiotherapy in ICU Guidelines

About Course

Acute Care and ICU Physical Therapy is a growing area of practice. This physiotherapy in icu guidelines  is geared toward both the new/entry-level and advanced practice therapist to integrate the complexity of lines, tubes, and monitoring devices and optimize them to advance treatment options with patients.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

1.Integrate information on invasive lines, tubes, and monitoring devices with patient presentation

2.Consider acute care and ICU safety guidelines for physical and occupational therapy intervention and exercise on the impact of patient care and outcomes

3.Explain physiological responses to exercise in order to safely monitor patients during ”high-intensity” treatment

4.Demonstrate integration and application of acute care competencies: safety, sound clinical decision-making, communication, and discharge planning

5.Discuss treatment approaches to creatively optimize patient physical functioning in the acute and ICU setting

Course Agenda:

  • Introduction- 10 minutes
  • Acute Care and ICU Safety and Feasibility- 15 minutes
  • Lines, Tubes, and Monitors- 15 minutes
  • Early Mobility and Physiological Response to Exercise in Critically Ill Patients- 20 minutes
  • Case Presentation- 25 minutes
  • Creative Treatment Approaches for the Acute/ICU Patient- 25 minutes
  • Conclusion/Questions- 10 minutes

Duration: 120 minutes

CPD Credit Hours: 2.0

Speakr Bio: Katelyn Whitlock, PT, DPT

Dr. Katelyn Whitlock is a practicing cardiovascular and pulmonary acute care and ICU physical therapist in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from Emory University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in May of 2018. Following her DPT she completed the Emory Acute Care Residency in 2019. Prior to her DPT, she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology from the University of Virginia. Currently, she is a primary therapist on the Heart Transplant, Lung Transplant, LVAD and ECMO team at EUH, is a course instructor in the DPT program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Management and Pharmacology courses, and has ongoing research in the areas of ICU Physical Therapy and COVID-19. She sat for her Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Specialist Exam in February of 2022.



1h 56m 14s