Differential Diagnosis of Ankle and Foot Conditions

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Ankle sprains, chronic pain , instabilities, dance injuries, sports injuries of ankle and foot are some of the most common diagnoses of the foot. In addition to these musculoskeletal diagnoses underlying conditions such as cancer, osteomyelitis, stress fractures, to name a few, presents with similar symptomatology which makes it difficult for a clinician to diagnose the real underlying condition.

Unlock the expertise you need to excel in ankle and foot physiotherapy with our comprehensive course. Learn to apply advanced musculoskeletal evaluation strategies to pinpoint and assess injuries effectively. Discover how to identify red flags, yellow flags, and physician referral criteria, ensuring safe and informed patient management. Gain the skills to differentiate between systemic and musculoskeletal diagnoses, enabling precise therapeutic interventions or referrals to physicians or emergency services when necessary. Elevate your physiotherapy practice in ankle and foot care with our specialized training.

Course Objectives

1. Demonstrate the practical application of musculoskeletal evaluation strategies specific to the ankle-foot joint to identify and assess musculoskeletal injuries effectively.

2. Evaluate red flags, yellow flags, and physician referral criteria to make informed clinical decisions for patients with ankle and foot conditions, ensuring patient safety and proper management.

3. Distinguish between systemic and musculoskeletal differential diagnoses, enabling the accurate identification of therapeutic needs or appropriate referrals to physicians or emergency services in ankle and foot cases.


Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy students , Physiotherapy assistants , orthopedic nurses, Orthopedic students, Athletic trainers



1 h 31 m 17 s

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